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I need to bring lots of visitors to my siteI need to bring lots of visitors to my site

We can do better than just bring you lots of visitors to your site. We can bring you qualified ....more

I need to keep my site visitors to stay on my siteI need to keep my site visitors to stay on my site

Visitor engagement has to serve a purpose. The purpose may be information dissemination ....more
I need to make my site visitors take an actionI need to make my site visitors take an action

When a visitor takes a desired action on your website it is called a “conversion.” The conversion ....more
I need to see and understand the whole internet marketing pictureI need to see and understand the whole internet marketing picture

Here’s a short list of some of the information that we will deliver to you insights ....more



  1. Your organization name should be a selected keyword especially if your brand name is well known.

  2. Put yourself in your potential customer’s mindset and what would they be searching for, for which you provide a product or service. For example, if you own a drug store, would one your potential clients with a migraine headache search with the key words “migraine headache medicine” or “Brand-A migraine medicine”  
  3. Ideally we advise our clients to target keywords with high relevance; meaning keywords that are long tail i.e., 3 or more words, are high in popularity and have low competition. Because it is difficult to find such an ideal combination, we typically advise the following tradeoff:

    a. Establish unique/different pages and target to different keywords.
    b. Target no more than 2 keywords per page.
    c. Home page can target something more general (high popularity) and "deeper pages" should target something more specific (long tail).
    d. Initially, pick specific (long tail) and therefore less competitive terms which will convert well (but get lower number of searchers). Later as your page increases its rank and brand name, focus on the more general traffic generating keywords.

  4. Think twice about targeting acronyms as they could denote multiple things. 

  5. Think twice about targeting keywords that could mean multiple things, e.g. “Paris Hilton”.  In such cases, use “Hilton Hotels in Paris” to make clear what you are targeting. 

  6. Get new ideas for keywords from:

    c. Google's free Keyword Tool in AdWords.
    d. If your site already has internal search, analyze what users are searching on when they get to the site.
    e. See what keywords your competitors are targeting (see Competitive Analysis section below)

  7. Look for ways to combine keyword terms.  For example, by targeting “cheap cameras”, you also target “cameras”. 

  8. For Local businesses, mention city and/or zip code as part of the keyword targeting.    



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