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I need to bring lots of visitors to my siteI need to bring lots of visitors to my site

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I need to keep my site visitors to stay on my siteI need to keep my site visitors to stay on my site

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I need to make my site visitors take an actionI need to make my site visitors take an action

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I need to see and understand the whole internet marketing pictureI need to see and understand the whole internet marketing picture

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MASTERING SEO CAMPAIGNS, MASTER STEP 6 -     Social Media Techniques

  1. Blog using social media sites such as WordPress or Blogger (owned by Google).  Always keep the keywords in mind as you write.  If possible, host the blog on your own website.  In order to do so with WordPress, your web hosting must support PHP and MySQL.  If you don’t host the blog on your own website, link back to your site with the targeted keywords in the anchor text.

  2. When your blog is updated, use to tell blog engines that your blog has been updated.

  3. Submit comments to other people’s blogs and forums as this would likely increase the credibility and visibility for your own blog.  Be careful and sensitive about advertising your blog on someone else’s blog until you have contributed a fair deal.

  4. Freely link to other blogs from your blog.  Sooner or later, your favor will be returned.
  5. Consider providing RSS with  Provide links to  which is a free feed reader.

  6. Submit Blog to Technorati.

  7. Forums are a great way to get user generated content which search engines love.  Forums can be set up with  or
  8. Enable users to provide reviews if possible, since this is again more content which search engines like.   Use (for PHP) or (for ASP) to incorporate such a system into your site.
  9. Create a page on social media sites such as MySpace, Facebook describing your business and insert a link back to your site.  Change default page on MySpace to
  10. Build a profile page on LinkedIn and also point it back to your company.
  11. Post a video to YouTube, as always, with a link back to your site, and again, as always, with the right anchor text.
  12. Post your case studies and stories on  Add lots of friends who will vote on the same content that you do on Digg.

  13. Consider a “Digg it” button on your site so that your visitors start posting content to Digg on your behalf.

  14. Consider “Save to” button to every page on site and blog.  Tags should be keyword laden.  Again, this will allow your visitors to bookmark pages on your site to on your behalf.
  15. To find out how many tags or links your site has received on several social sites use

  16. Create pages on and  Remember always to create back links to your own site.
  17. To pay money to Bloggers to write about your website consider using:

  18. You can also pay money to third party reviewers to review your product.  Use

  19. You can submit articles of about 300 to 1,000 words to one or more of the following sites always with back links, and wherever possible, allow for content syndication. 

  20. When submitting articles include: who you are, call to action and, of course, your URL.



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