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We Use Advanced Techniques to Launch and Manage Your Pay per Click (PPC) Campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We have helped innumerable small & medium sized businesses become extremely profitable just by using PPC. We can do the same for you. Call us to find out how.

Of course we aren’t  the only Search firm in the business of helping companies such as yours make money out of their ad campaigns. We aren’t even the lowest priced. But dollar for dollar we do deliver the highest value.

So what are the 10 ways that set Media Flint apart from others?

People and Processes: Media Flint’s founder teaches Internet Advertising at Stanford University, the birthplace of Google and Yahoo. Our experts implement the same powerful techniques taught in our Stanford course materials.
We absolutely love Google’s acclaimed new AdWords interface, and use all its recently released capability in clever ways to exceed your goals.
We watch out for Click Fraud very diligently. The best indicator of click fraud is a statistically significant drop in conversion rates, and all our experts are trained to look out for this.
We know when not to compete on certain keywords and never let our egos get in the way.
We use both human beings and automation drawing on the strengths of each. This calibrated combination gives you the best possible result.
We have a singular focus on meeting your goals whether it is to improve ROI, maximize profitability, increase sales, reduce cost per lead or generate more leads.
We use patentable technology to track offline conversions, (if needed), e.g. coupon redemption at a physical store back to the exact creative (keyword or ad copy).
Our firm is based in the US from where we deliver unparalleled support & service
We give you the option of learning all our tricks from us so that if you so desire, you can manage your campaigns in-house.
You will benefit from our call tracking product at no extra cost to you.

We also perform all the usual stuff below, but as a matter of fact, so would our competition:

Conduct aggressive & targeted keyword research in order to reach out to potential customers at multiple stages of the Sales Cycle from Awareness to Purchase. 

Develop ad creative that communicates value and benefits so that you are able to attract the “right” visitors to your website. 
Test Ad Copy in an A/B testing framework to identify the best performing ad copy
Install Analytics and use detailed Analytics data, including conversion tracking & site engagement, to optimize your campaigns
Geo-target your users and schedule ads, if appropriate
Analyze the competitive landscape to understand how well your competition is doing with their respective ad campaigns. This will allow you to effectively position your brand against the competition. 
Manage your campaigns pro-actively to adjust keyword bid amounts, identify negative keywords, & eliminate ineffective keywords and ads. 
Improve your quality score so that you pay less and get more visitors.
Provide detailed reporting as often as you want so that you know exactly what you are getting for your budget
We are Google & Yahoo certified and operate strictly ethically. 

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