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I need to bring lots of visitors to my siteI need to bring lots of visitors to my site

We can do better than just bring you lots of visitors to your site. We can bring you qualified ....more

I need to keep my site visitors to stay on my siteI need to keep my site visitors to stay on my site

Visitor engagement has to serve a purpose. The purpose may be information dissemination ....more
I need to make my site visitors take an actionI need to make my site visitors take an action

When a visitor takes a desired action on your website it is called a “conversion.” The conversion ....more
I need to see and understand the whole internet marketing pictureI need to see and understand the whole internet marketing picture

Here’s a short list of some of the information that we will deliver to you insights ....more


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would we hire a consultant when we could hire a person to do this for ourselves? Surely it can't be that hard?
No, it's not hard. But it is tedious and calls for methodical work that requires over-sight of experienced individuals for best results. Not to sound too self-serving but if your company spends (or intends to spend) less than $ 200,000 per year on direct ad-spend running a SEM campaign, you wouldn't be able to justify the cost of an in-house campaign manager. This is because salary surveys have shown that campaign managers with relatively little (1-2 years) experience are paid about $ 50,000 per year. Experienced individuals with 5 years under their belt would cost about $ 110,000 to $ 175,000 per year. Hiring a consultant, even if it's not us, gets you going at minimal fixed cost and commitment.

I am not ready to run my SEM campaign as I don't have a website nor am I ready to invest in a website without determining the benefits. Can your company help me in determining whether there's any benefit here and if so, can you guys also do the website development?
"Yes, absolutely", is the answer to both your questions. We, at Media Flint, recognize all companies are at different stages in the companies own life cycle. So we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals with you. Based on that, we can give you a recommendation on whether investing in a website, optionally followed with a SEM campaign is the right way to go. If a website is needed, we can do the development work for that as well.

I've been wanting to conduct a SEM campaign for my store-front retail business but I don't think I can afford to get distracted by running and managing websites. What kind of solutions do you offer to businesses such as mine?
We take pride in our ability to put together websites and deliver traffic to those websites. We also partner with specialists who can generate logos and applications for the websites (if needed). Depending on the size of your business and its goals, we believe that we have the necessary skill set to address most challenges thrown our way.

I'm already quite familiar with SEM and, in fact, I am already running my own SEM. Why should I now pay someone else to run it for me?
We understand, respect and recognize the enterprise, risk, dedication and hard-work it took for you to bring your business to where it is today. And you were definitely smart enough to figure out how to initiate and maintain SEM campaigns yourself. But at some point, you've got to ask the question: "what is my time worth and where best may it be used"?

Furthermore, a professional organization that focuses on SEM and SEO may be able to use insights gained only through experience to generate more value for your money. For instance, consider the situation that you are running out of daily budget and Google is therefore slowing down your ad impressions (and therefore ad clicks). Operating within the same budget, you can now generate more ad impressions and clicks by simply lowering your keyword bid amounts. You may already know this, but acting in such situations to generate value, comes second nature to organizations that focus on SEM and SEO.

I have researched a lot on SEM and SEO consultants and it seems to me that all of you guys offer the same spiel. What sets you apart?
We could tell you that we write great ad & landing page copy, that we can do a fabulous job developing or modifying your website quickly, or that we are so analytically inclined, that we can squeeze every last drop of value for you, but you have probably heard it all before, so this is what we will tell you instead.

Measure us with whatever metrics you are targeting, be it ROI, Profitability, Conversions, etc. We are willing to put our money where our mouth is and if you prefer, work out a deal with you where we share the risks and rewards.

We have been running a Google AdWords campaign profitably in-house for quite a while, and want to actually increase our ad spend, but with 1000s of keywords already, I am concerned that the campaign will soon become too big to manage. What are our options?
There are plenty of third party tools in the market that you could use to automate some of the tedious tasks including managing your bids at a keyword level. These tools are usually priced quite competitively. Alternatively, if you have access to software development resources, you could consider using Google provided APIs to manage your campaign through a software development effort. Note that software in these cases will help your team manage a rapidly growing base of keywords.

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