65% of all people looking for an attorney start with the Internet.  And that number is growing. At any given moment, thousands of clients are searching for an attorney online where they already receive their news, do their shopping, find their realtors, physicians, attorneys and all their other service providers.  Some of those clients need an attorney with your experience, in your geographical area.  How will they find and hire you?  How do you make sure that your law firm is brought to the attention of every client who searches for an attorney who provides your services?

We are attorneys and we understand your business.  We understand client behavior and know the rules relevant to soliciting and representing them.  We know how and when your business generates revenue and expense.  We are also Internet engineers and marketers who know how to bring your law firm and your services directly to the attention of clients searching for someone with your expertise ahead of your competition! We bring the fees to your practice instead of the practice of another attorney. 
We will create an online presence for your business that will continuously bring clients and business to your door for many years into the future, providing you with a secure and profitable future.   

A solid presence on the Internet is no longer a luxury.  It is a necessity for business development and credibility. If you are interested and ready to pursue this avenue for reaching clients who will retain you, and in building a solid, sustainable and profitable law practice that will hold you in good stead for many years to come, we will be happy to show you exactly how we can accomplish all of it for you. 

Let the power of the Internet bring new clients and cases to your office for less than one billable hour per week and for far less than most print advertising. 

Email: info@internetsolutionsforattorneys.com

Phone: 1.800.306.1020

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