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Your website, no matter how spectacular it may be, is worthless if nobody finds it. So, once you have a great website that will makes any client who sees it pick up the telephone and call you, you need to get that website in front of prospective clients.

Search Engine Optimization is a term used for the creation of a website that gets noticed and high rankings by search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others. These search engine companies are used by people to search for things like golf clubs, vacations, books and music, plumbers, schools, doctors and yes…attorneys. If your website has a high ranking by the search engines, your website will appear above others with lower rankings. If your website is ranked 1-10 when a prospective client searches for an attorney, then your website will appear on page #1 of the results presented to the prospective client.

With 1.1 million attorneys and counting in the United States, this is no small task. Only 10 attorneys or fewer can appear for free on the first page. So, you need to be higher ranked than 1,099,990 other attorneys in order to get there and have your spectacular website presented to the prospective client. No problem! This is what we do. We will get your website great rankings so that the search engines want to show it off to all of the prospective clients who are searching for an attorney in your area of expertise.

"This takes some time and patience, so, in addition to search optimization, or instead of search optimization, we can refer clients who are looking for an attorney in your geographic and practice area directly to you."  We can
generate leads for you in less than a week.  through Online Advertising


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