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I need to bring lots of visitors to my siteI need to bring lots of visitors to my site

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I need to keep my site visitors to stay on my siteI need to keep my site visitors to stay on my site

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I need to make my site visitors take an actionI need to make my site visitors take an action

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I need to see and understand the whole internet marketing pictureI need to see and understand the whole internet marketing picture

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Management Team

Amin Haq – Chief Executive Officer 
Amin Haq is a seasoned executive with about 20 years of work experience. His experience includes managing a company from start to a successful acquisition. In so doing, he has not only been exposed to all cycles of business growth, but also to different functions at various executive level including Sales, Business Development and Operations. 

Amin has been responsible for P&L centers, where he consistently exceeded both the revenue and profit targets. He was able to accomplish stellar revenue growth of over 100% for five consecutive years. From a Business Development perspective, he has identified, developed and executed opportunities for profitable growth by entering into agreements with both regional and global players for successful joint ventures.

Amin has a Bachelor of Science degree from Lewis & Clark College. 


Ali Ghaznavi – Chief Technology Officer
Ali Ghaznavi has been in the Web Design & Software Development business for about 13 years. During this time, he has led teams for the development of hundreds of transactional sites, including those of large companies, banks, technology firms, educational institutions and print houses. These sites have often demanded technologies as varied as PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax, Perl, Visual Basic, CSS (for the inclusion of Content Management Systems), Blogs, Forums, Ecommerce Systems and sophisticated Helpdesk/Knowledgebase software. Besides web development, Ali is also an expert on Internet based Advertising and Search Engine Optimization.

Ali has taught mathematics and computer science courses and has also worked at the MIT Lab for Computer Science on various projects, such as building an interpreter for the MDL (Modern Dynamic Language, pronounced 'Muddle"), and algorithms for VLSI design. Ali is also a committee member of the MIT Entrepreneur Association and an  Educational Counselor in his area,  for MIT

Ali has a Bachelor's in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tom Jagger, Vice President of Account Services
Tom Jagger has over twenty years experience managing marketing communications initiatives with emphasis on video, motion graphics and digital media integration. Mr. Jagger has developed award winning media, from planning through implementation to delivery, for clients such as Westinghouse Electric Company, Autodesk and Microsoft. Tom graduated with Honors from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Telecommunications.


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